2nd edition of the International Symposium of Young Researchers in Biology
Annonce n° : 7796

Du 11 mai 2018 au 14 mai 2018
Nombre approximatif de visiteurs attendus : 250
Présence d'exposants (matériels / réactifs ) : OUI
Conférences : OUI
Présentation par posters : OUI

We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the International Symposium of Young Researchers in Biology. After the big success of the first edition, the 2018 Symposium will confirm the main goal of the YTRB organization, the young Tunisian scientist network. The event will constitute a real opportunity for young scientist to create a new network and establish collaboration between young and future researchers in Tunisia and all over the world. This newest and unique scientific event in Tunisia is a meeting point for academic scientists, biologists, pharmacists and industrials that share a new and exciting vision of science. The symposium is an opportunity for cooperation and technology-exchange with excellent young group leaders in fundamental and applied research. Tunisian and international young eminent specialists will give talks in the following sessions: ​- Biotechnology - Genomics and Bioinformatics - Molecular/Cell Biology and Immunology

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Société / organisme :
Contact : Mohamed JEMAA
Email : jemaamohamed@gmail.com
Web : ytrbiology.weebly.com/international-symposium-2018.html

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