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14 Janvier
Post doc
localisation du poste : 75015 Paris Île-de-France France

I am a doctorate in Genetics & Molecular Biology from University of Salamanca, Spain and presently working as a post-doc at Hospital Saint Louis, Paris. I am applying to enquire about the post-doctoral job prospects in your company.

As a molecular biologist, I have extensive experience in scientific research, writing, project & people management; and an ambitious, open-minded, innovative, multi-cultural and result-oriented outlook that complements my technical skills. As a post doc, I orchestrated effective collaborations, both within and outside my research group and delivered results in the form of publications and conference presentations.

Since, my personal acumen is to further understand the etiology of oncogenesis; I find your company with an interesting setup for me to elaborate my scientific expertise while still focusing on my research interest.
In my PhD work I identified a novel topoisomerase like role of Hpr1 gene, which aid in solving DNA topology during replication-transcription interferences, thus avoiding DNA lesions & genome wide instabilities (Bisht P. et al, manuscript in preparation). Likewise, my present post-doc work also focuses on extracting, purifying and editing yeast genome in order to understand the effect of chromatin remodelers involved in mRNP biogenesis and export.
Post my graduate studies, I worked on the Indian-Denmark joint project, where I contributed to build the Diabetes mellitus patient sample database for a large cohort of Indian population and carried out the genome wide association studies to score for aberrant single nucleotide polymorphisms.

During graduate studies, I performed in vitro cytotoxicity assays on HeLa cell lines and leachability studies to test the implications of Bisphenol-A toxicity. I also enrolled my focus towards comparative modeling study of RNA Polymerase C protein of Hypericum perforatum and validated its structure using homology modeling tools and online servers (Kumar A, Bisht P et al., 2011).

At present, I have been exploiting the budding yeast as a study model to understand the intricate architecture of the genome integrity maintenance pathways and their crosstalk. For my future endeavours I wish to utilize my hands on experience towards more translational research i.e. in the development of novel technologies for healthcare system. Your company provides the apt platform for me to implement my ambition along with learning more about the field & mastering new skills. For these reasons I am confident that, given the opportunity, I will be able to contribute successfully to your ongoing research while at the same time enjoy the internal exchange of knowledge and expertise with other team members, which primarily stimulates successful research.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hear from you. Please find an enclosed copy of my curriculum vitae including two references along with this letter. I am presently residing in Paris and at your complete disposal for any further conversation.


Prakhar Bisht

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