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Annonce n° : 102696
Date de l'annonce : 07 Fév 2018
Laboratory equipments for sale
Localisation : 47500 Fumel Nouvelle-Aquitaine France

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Contact Mr  LAURENCE Olivier
Adresse 20, ave. Jean Jaures
  47500 Fumel
Pays France

The following are available (at low prices!) :

- Knife Sharpener for microtome, Leica Jung, perfect working condition
- Microtome refrigerated, Leica Jung Frigocut 2800E, perfect working condition
- SEM, AMR Model 1000, complete, with low+high stage+video adpater+ vacuum vibration isolator, with Vacuum pump, EDWARDS E2M8, perfect working condition. Was working perfectly when disconnected.
-Turbo-molecular pump ok. SEM around year 1980.
- Sputter coater, Fisons Instrument, Polaron SC502. Perfect working condition
- Micro-shaker II (for 4 titer plates), Dynatech, good working condition
-Titer plate Shaker (for 4 titer plates), Labline Instruments, perfect working condition
-Refrigerated bench centrifuge, Jouan MR14.11, rotor for eppendorf tubes, perfect working condition
- Speedvac, Jouan RC 10.10, + rotors for tubes with Vapor trap refrigerated -90C, Jouan RCT 90, perfect working condition
- Vacuum pump, Precision Scientific DD100, + Alcatel OME2SS oil vapors filter, perfect working condition
- Vacuum pump liquid ring, GENEVAC CVP 100/2, (with silicon oil, strong vacuum), perfect working condition
- RSP 5031 Tecan, with racks, software for Win NT up to 95/98, with IBM PC
- RSP 5032 Tecan (2 arms), with many new spare parts, needles, syringes, racks… Around year 1995.
- BenchMate II Workstation, ZYMARK, 1 arm, racks, balance, + software, working condition, Perfect working condition 2 SS racks for tubes, for dilutions/weigh of samples, around year 1998
- Refrigerated centrifuge, Jouan MR 18-12, (problem with fan), working condition
- Centrifuge, Jouan C 3-12, without rotor, perfect working condition
- Water purification System, Millipore AFS 1500 (Analyser feed system), perfect working condition
- Water purification System, Millipore AFS 300 (Analyser feed system), needs electrovalve replacement.



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