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Why Lab Science Trading?

My background:

A 23 year old Bulgarian girl living (studying and working) in France, Grenoble for the past 5 years, I have completed my BSC degree in Biology at University of Grenoble Alpes. My High School Degree comprised 16 subjects with main focus on languages and science.

Previous experience:
I have been working as a lead tutor, managing a team of 20 people, giving them weekly timetables and being directly responsible for their duties and actions. On the side, I have conducted two internships during my degree, the last one being at CEA laboratories in Grenoble; additionally I have had one summer job as a sales assistant in Bulgaria.

Why choose LST?
Being passionate about challenges and keen to seek innovation, I dream of a job transcending between business and science in the fields of either: medicine, cosmetics, research or the food and beverage sector. I had the desire to enroll in the LST program ever since the second year of my Bachelor’s degree, as I believe this program would be the trampoline for me to reach my professional goals.

What are the encountered (previous and current) difficulties?
Being away from home is inconvenient, but is easily overcome thanks to the modern dynamic and travel-orientated society and the numerous communication apps. The main difficulty as a foreign student in France was the language and cultural barrier. Secondly the lack of a network can be a great problem, since it takes time, patience and social encounters for a person to build a stable and reliable network.

What would you like to do?
I would love to work for an innovative and creative big/middle sized company specializing in one of the following sectors described above, marketing and selling quality products enabling me to shape a better future for humanity. I would like to try various flexible job positions and perhaps be an ambassador for an international company and represent it around the world on conferences and meetings.

Why is it important for you to be in this program?
As I said before, this unique program gives me the opportunity to gain new skills allowing me to become flexible in various job positions between life sciences and business (commerce, marketing, selling and negotiating).

What do you believe can be changed?
Personally, I would like to learn more languages and learn more about other country’s cultures.
As for the LST program more promotion to foreign university students and though Facebook would help popularize the course and attract more students. Perhaps some club of former alumni who have completed the program could be created to come and give short speeches to the new LST students to explain how the program directly influenced their career and help create and build a network between all current and former LST students.