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Personal testimony

I am Mary Babojian, a Venezuelan girl with Armenian roots actually involved in the Master 2 LST: Lab Trading Sciences at the Université Grenoble Alpes in France.
To share part of my story with you, let me start by telling you a little about my background. I made 5 years of Biology in my country, Venezuela and right after, I started to teach Biology at a high school in my city: Maracay. After 4 years of experience as a teacher, which I should say, was a wonderful and fulfilling time, I decided to go abroad and gain some skills in Molecular Biology. That’s when I enrolled myself in the molecular and cellular Biology program in Grenoble – France which is taught in English, where I got knowledge about molecular techniques and also basis in neurosciences. I also had the opportunity to make an internship at the BIOMET lab (CEA-Grenoble) with an amazing team and an excellent tutor (Mr. Alexandre Bouron).
Now, after 1 year in Grenoble, I took the decision to explore the commercial field and gain completely new skills in communication, sales, marketing and more without having to leave behind my knowledge in sciences. I got the opportunity to enroll myself in the LST program and get dual (science and sales) skills, so in the future I can become an ambassador for a company in Spanish or English speaking countries or help to improve the laboratory trading in countries where it is not so developed yet.
Some people ask why to try different fields, why to go abroad? And my answer is always the same: why not? Life is full of options and if you have the opportunity to explore and learn different things, take it, challenge yourself and keep giving the best of you whatever you chose. Make a difference wherever you go. It may won’t be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Apart of being a passionate for sciences, I also love drawing, reading, enjoying music and nature.