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Hello everyone, my name is XIYU Qian, I come from China and I was a biochemist,  now I’m studying in Lab Science Trading at university of Grenoble and prepare to become a commercial person in biotechnology field in the future.

I got my bachelor degree and first year of master in molecular biology and biochemistry at University of Bourgogne in France, besides I got a DUT diploma at university of Lyon1 which is major in biological and biochemical analysis. At the beginning to learn Biotechnology with French was a big challenge for me, because I never learnt any French word before my high school graduation, but I did it finally by my passion to this field and to this country. During these years, I did several internships in molecular biology, imaging technology and medical analysis field, all of these experiences taught me a lot and also made me realized my strength and give me some ideas for my future. So, I decided to accept the second challenge to set foot in business and to complete my background. Now I feel more and more confident and prepared to rise to the challenge in the future.